SL-CorrTec B | High Temperature Acid Corrosion Inhibitor

SL-CorroTec B Acidizing Corrosion Inhibitor is composed of Keto aldehyde amine, propargyl alcohol and high falsh point solvent. It has good dispersibility in HCl and HF acid. It has a good corrosion protective effect on HCl and HF acid corrosion under high temperature. 

It is recommended to use corrosion inhibitors in acid treatments, e.g. matrix acidizing, acid fracturing, or in sand control treatments.SL-CorrTec B high-temperature corrosion inhibitor is applicable to oil/gas wells with temperature not above 150℃, SL-CorrTec B used as parts of formulations that protect metal components in the wellbore or in coiled tubing from the corrosive nature of the fluid. 

  • Applicable for 120~140℃high temperature acidizing system and  high temperature resistance;
  • Good compatibility with thickener and crosslinker.
  • Low doage even in 140C temperature, recommended 2% loading.

It is applicable for oil well high temperature and acidizing fracturing technology to control equipment corrosion. It has a good effect on deep oil well high temperature, high pressure acidizing corrosion control in the high temperature range of 120~140℃, in 15~20%HCl and mud acid.

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