How choose the suitable false strip lashes for yourself?
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·         The first: choose to the simulate false eyelashes, it’s better the lashes are relatively thin to minimize the lashes cross. You can choose the length of false eyelashes according to the length of your own eyelashes, that will looks more natural like your own eyelashes. Of course, you also can choose the long and density lashes for yourself, it will let your eyes looks more beautiful and charming. After applying the lashes on eyes, you have to check if the false lashes have a good combination of real lashes more natural, if it’s appear two layers of eyelashes phenomenon, it would have failed. If you find a two layers phenomenon, then use the eyelash curler curled be gently, or you can use the point of eyelash glue to stick two layers of eyelashes bonding into a layer. It will be more beautiful, and then painted the eyeliner, brush the mascara on the eyelashes will be ok.

·         The second: with decorative fake eyelashes, this kind of eyelashes is more suitable for festivals, dinners and other occasions to wear, eyelashes itself is simulated, but in the branches of eyelashes will be decorated with crystal, sequins, or color of what, in order to brighten false eyelashes, embellished eyelashes to make different gorgeous effect, bring the brilliant and special eye makeup vision to women. This kind of fake lashes have to be based on the length of your natural lashes, you should be pay attention to the true eyelash curling when wearing the fake eyelashes, and then brush a good mascara, which is wearing such fake lashes, because the fake lashes above has been set very objects, so can not brush mascara, otherwise it will destroy those small ornaments.

·         The last one is to participate in the performance on the stage using fake eyelashes. This kind of eyelashes are thicker( and blue, purple, yellow, gold and other different colors of fake eyelashes). But it’s not suitable for using in our daily life, even in the dinner, party and other fashion activities, if you wear this kind false eyelashes, it also looks very exaggerated. So this kind of eyelashes is ideal for stage art classes such as stage performances. This eyelashes are relatively thick and hard, so you can folder after the eyelashes, don’t have to brush mascara. If you wear this kind of fake eyelashes after painted the eyeliners, you can increase the contours of face and eyes, it will be more outstanding on the stage. But if you bring this to your daily life, shopping, party, dinner etc, it will give people exaggerated impression. So advise many women who love false eyelashes. Don’t use this kind of lashes in the daily life.

·         So choose the suitable fake eyelashes for yourself, and add your eyes infinite charm.